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About Us

Who We Are

Established in 2015, Greenworld Tours and Travel Inc. is owned and run by a family of travel enthusiasts. The company offers you a chance to go on adventures and tick off items in your bucket list through our numerous travel packages at competitive rates. We cover countries and destinations from all over the globe like the USA, Japan, Korea, Australia, and Europe. Of course, we also have lots of offers to backpackers and beach bums to explore our very own country.

We are an advocate for a “greener” world, and we always encourage our clients to do their part in protecting and preserving the environment. Aside from prioritizing our clients’ safety, comfort, and enjoyment, we also value the essence of giving back to the community that we serve by allotting a portion of our revenue for Corporate Social Responsibility activities, giving cause to every booking you make with us.

Greenworld is a company created by wanderers for wanderers.


We aim to give millennials and young urban professionals countless & priceless memories by providing a wide array of travel-related services, spanning both domestically and internationally. We will continuously update and upgrade our technological means to keep up with the fast-paced changes in trend and travel preferences. We will foster a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, shareholders, employees (while adhering to ethical standards) to be able to sustain company growth and reputation. Most importantly, we will give back to the Community by promoting responsible traveling and allotting part of our revenue to CSR activities, thus making every trip you make a #GWTravelWithACause.


To become your best partner in making your travel dreams come to life.

What We Offer

Greenworld offers a variety of trendy and backpacker/family-friendly travel services that will ensure that every trip you take is a safe, comfortable, hassle-free, and memorable one.

Why Travel with Greenworld?

More fun, less hassle!

We always make sure that our clients will have a fun and hassle-free trip. So pick your next travel destination, and leave all your worries to us. All you have to do is focus on how you will have fun!

Flexible and Independence 

Head off to wander independently, relax by the beach, or chill out in a hipster coffee shop and watch the world go by. Our itineraries include the “must-see” of every destination, so take your time and explore according to your own tastes. We have join-in tours open for group and solo travelers; and custom tours for people who want to have personalized adventures with friends or loved ones.

Different Travel Style and Creativity

From unique hostels to glamorous hotels, to camping and s’mores adventures, we have numerous options that can fill your wanderlust. Hop in local jeepneys and tuk tuk, or be more vintage with the immortal kalesa. These local transports are said to be the most evocative way to explore your destination, but we can always provide alternative and creative ways of getting around too.

A Team of Passionate Travel Experts and Enthusiasts

At your disposal is a team who shares your passion and enthusiasm. Who’s best to serve a traveler, other than another traveler? We are a team professional individuals who love to drive, fly, and sail to explore the jewels hidden in various destinations.

Travel with a Cause

Did you know that Greenworld loves to give back to the community? For every revenue Greenworld earns, a percentage is saved and allotted to Corporate Social Responsibility like free feeding, tree planting, and outreach programs.